The 1, 2, 3 Process: How to Make Obtaining Your Ideal Car Simple at Your Local Nissan Dealership

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Nissan Dealership Near Me

Many drivers looking for their ideal vehicle may wonder how Nissan dealerships near me can make this process as simple and bearable as possible. This question can be answered by the simple 1, 2, 3 process. In just three modest steps you can feel completely secure and ready to buy that ideal car as you pull up to a dependable Nissan dealership near you, like Orange Coast Nissan. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the steps.

One: Learn the Line-Up

With over 20 different Nissan models manufactured for production, Nissan dealerships, like us at Orange Coast Nissan, will have something for anyone. When buying a car whether new or pre-owned, it is essential to do your research before even setting foot into the dealership. Especially when it comes to having an idea about which makes and models you may be interested in. To start you off, here are the top of the line Nissan car, SUV, and truck models available with their starting prices and standard horsepower:


Versa Sedan ($12,110 and 109 hp)

Versa Note ($15,600 and 109 hp)

Sentra ($16,990 and 124 hp)

Altima ($23,260 and 179 hp)

Maxima ($33,270 and 300 hp)

Crossovers and SUVs

Rogue ($24,800 and 170 hp)

Murano ($30,800 and 260 hp)

Pathfinder ($31,040 and 284 hp)

Armada ($46,090 and 390 hp)


Frontier ($18,990 and 152 hp)

Titan ($30,000 and 390 hp)


In order to encourage knowledgeable customers, at Orange Coast Nissan we believe in making as many resources as we can easily available to you. Technology is an amazing tool that offers hundreds of comprehensive and personalized ways of finding exactly what you need. So, feel free to browse our helpful and informative website prior to visiting. Also, take notes so that you can organize your thoughts more clearly later after gathering. When looking into buying, there are a few questions you should always ask yourself:

Personal questions

What kind of lifestyle do I have?

What kind of lifestyle do I want?

What kind of lifestyle will I have in the near future?

Finance Questions

How much am I willing to spend?

Would pre-owned or leasing be an acceptable option?

What kind of financial support can a dealership offer?

Design Questions

What size do I need?

How much does interior material matter?

What are the lifespans of the exterior and interior features?

Performance Questions

Do I need to haul anything regularly?

What fuel situation works best for me?

How fast do I really need to go?


Two: Get Feedback

Feedback is always essential to the process of buying anything, but it is even more so when it comes to something as valuable as a car purchase. After all, it does cost a small fortune to get one. When it comes to feedback, you should appeal to three sets of people, other than yourself of course.

The first should be people in your life that you already know and trust. They will be able to give you feedback for what kind of vehicle best fits you personally. You can also depend on them to be honest with you.

The second is from anonymous sources such as online review writers or customers that have recently been to a Nissan dealership near you. These are people that have been in your shoes already and know the process a little better now because of it. Not every review will be a gem since it is all personal opinion, but you may find some useful information if you look for the right stuff such as comments that give both pros and cons to remove bias.

Finally, you should go to a Nissan dealership near you in person and ask the dealer the questions you still have. A good tip is that a trustworthy dealer will never fear you asking them any type of question about their inventory or services. This kind of feedback is ideal for getting professional opinions about more complicated information. This will also allow you time to get a feel for what dealership has the greatest resources, dependability, and value. At Orange Coast Nissan, we welcome any and all questions and will do our best to use our knowledge and resources to give you all the information you need to make a successful car purchase.

Just like with the information before, always keep careful notes of the things that catch your attention. These could come in handy while making the final choice, be great records for future purchases, or if any complications arise, even help you give others advice later on.

Three: Finalize

You have done the research, and gotten your feedback now it’s time to trust yourself and your findings and march confidently into your local Nissan dealership to start the negotiations. Here are some tips to help get the most out of your finalizing and make it as painless as possible:

Always inspect and test drive your top options

Try to go during slow hours or when there are no special sales

Bring a calculator

Negotiate the value of one item at a time

Feel confident enough to step away if you are overwhelmed

Finally committing to buy will always be stressful, but you will have to do it eventually if you ever want your vehicle. The only thing you can do is be confident about your choices and prepared for any conceivable occurrence. It sometimes helps to bring someone you care about to sit beside you and hold off your stress a bit.

By following these three steps, it should make the buying process not just less stressful, but also much more efficient. You will be able to go to the dealership with more pride and confidence knowing you took every measure to be prepared. At Orange Coast Nissan dealership, we are dedicated to bringing confidence to our customers and keeping things simple. Simplicity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds the best automotive transactions for everyone involved.

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